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GNU Drama: USB mouse just randomly stops working

Posted on: September 25, 2013

I have a Nortek wireless mouse that will just stop working while I surf the web or just normally use it to… point and click on things in general. I have no idea what causes the failure (dmesg shows nothing, Xorg / evdev logs just say it was “Closed”). It’s most definitely not a hardware problem, since this mouse was in use under Windows for years and this has never happened in that operating system.

Temporary solution: Rebooting the machine always works for me. Yes, the machine, not X. I managed to get it back working without rebooting by unloading and then reloading usbhid (sudo rmmod usbhid && sudo modprobe usbhid; after a couple minutes it was working again). The second time I tried, reloading usbhid didn’t help, so maybe I had done something else after reloading that actually fixed the problem, but I have no idea what it was.

Update (September 26, 2013): Oh, if I switch the USB port after the usbhid reload it works. Switching ports before that did nothing.

Update (October 2, 2013): I have not updated any package or changed any configuration on my system since the last update. However, it’s been a couple days since I had any issues with the mouse. I think the software that made the mouse randomly stop working must itself have stopped working or something 🙂 Another possibility is the amount of bogons I had accumulated over the years must be irradiating fast, and will eventually be completely drained from my body.

Update (October 6, 2013): It happened again today and in the past couple days too. I just unplug / plug again and sometimes have to reload usbhid.


2 Responses to "GNU Drama: USB mouse just randomly stops working"

Related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/1155819 maybe?

Thanks. Unless the headset triggers something else that is also triggered on my computer for some other reason, then I don’t think so. Because the only USB thing I had connected to my computer was that mouse…

It has not happened anymore now that I got a new mouse (a Microsoft one), so maybe it was just that mouse’s driver specifically. I know I should dig it and try to fix it, but I can’t right now. I’m just taking the easy route and getting another mouse, heh.

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