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GNU Drama: Sound Settings menu item is available, but does nothing

Posted on: September 10, 2013

GNOME 3 Volume MenuI have installed GNOME 3 here, but only the bare minimum packages. Sound works out-of-the-box (which is awesome!!!), but if I click on Sound Settings, nothing happens. No error messages, no settings dialog.

Resolutiongnome-control-center must be installed in order for that menu item to work. Why it was there if I hadn’t installed it is beyond me. Why no error messages appeared is… totally beyond me.


2 Responses to "GNU Drama: Sound Settings menu item is available, but does nothing"

Mmm, I tried that and I have gnome-control-center installed, still nothing happens even after a reboot.

Strange, I’m confident that’s all I’ve done to fix the problem.

But well, this is exactly what I’m trying to prove here with GNU Drama. Things go randomly awry and it’s really hard to sort them out all by yourself. I’d check whether other complementary packages are missing and maybe expose the issue in a GNOME mailing list. I think people there would be able to pinpoint the problem rather quickly.

What bothers me is that so much goes wrong that I don’t feel compelled to ask others, so I decided just to blog about it.

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