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GNU Drama: Dumb multitouch gesture support

Posted on: September 10, 2013

I’ve just installed Xorg with AwesomeWM (on Parabola). I can use 2 fingers to scroll just fine, which is great.

But I shouldn’t celebrate so soon!

If I leave one finger on top of the touchpad (in order to click) while using the other hand to move the mouse pointer, the driver (or whatever) detects that as a 2-finger scroll gesture as well, locking the mouse pointer to wherever it is.

This is not the behavior in either Windows 8 or OS X. It’s hard not to think… who the hell thought this was OK?

Update: As expected, it was not an AwesomeWM problem. GNOME has the same issue. It’s probably really a bug, misconfiguration, or braindead “feature” in xf86-input-synaptics or libsynaptics.

Update: man synaptics doesn’t mention this behavior, so I’m guessing it’s not configurable. Therefore it really is a bug.

2 Responses to "GNU Drama: Dumb multitouch gesture support"

Ah, yes, let me share an unexpected experience I had just now:

I was required to login before I could comment. From a list of different services to choose from, I chose Google+. I was already logged in to my company’s Gmail account and to my personal one, in this order, prior to accessing this blog.

I have a Google+ profile set up in my personal account only, but couldn’t pick it because the API wouldn’t have an option to “add another account” or something to that effect. The API could only see the first account I had logged in to, which was the one without a profile.

Why they couldn’t use Gmail’s feature that allows you to keep more than one session and switch between them beats me.

Anyway, I forgot what I was going to comment.
Wish you better luck with your touchpad in the future.

Yeah, logging into multiple GMail accounts only works in some services. I thought OpenID was one of those that worked, but apparently not.

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