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Wish: An app dedicated to messing with melodies

Posted on: May 26, 2011

Today I was fooling around with Cakewalk SONAR and revived an old wish of mine: to be able to easily work, as a complete amateur, with melody composition.

I envision an app in which you can easily pick a series of notes and:

  • Reorder pitch and length (just move piano roll bricks around without overlapping).
  • Reorder pitch only (keep the lengths of notes intact but reorder their pitch).
  • Reorder length only (analogous to pitch-only reordering).
  • Group bricks together forming “metabricks”.
  • Programatically break bricks into others (e.g.: to create chords or apply patterns).

Lots of fun could come out of such an app. I’ll try writing it when I have the time.

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