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Posted on: May 20, 2011

Sonetto (or sonnet, in plain english) is a tiny word with a pretty simple etymological meaning: little song. With time it came to signify a very strict form of poetry—14 rhyming lines, generally in the Shakespearean form, ab-ab, cd-cd, ef-ef, gg. Since the origins of the word are related to singing, sonnets are said to be “poems to be sung”, which, at least to me, sounds like they are intended to adhere to very simple aesthetics to be appreciated by mostly anyone.

Obviously, there are countless variations to these rules, but if you follow the basic ones, you’ll at the very least be able to write something that sounds good.

Sonnets are far from the most inventive forms of art; they are, instead, a very stable ground for someone’s first contacts with his artistic expression capabilities.

I am a computer programmer, a race known for its awkward lack of communication, socialization and artistic skills. I am a scaredy-loser. More than that, I am a kid inside. But I’m growing. And Sonetto is my way (read: that of a scaredy-loser programmer kid) of saying ~I am growing~

What I want to do in life is to explore the world of game development not just from a programmer’s standpoint; I want to understand art, too.

I have a lot of material in me that I could just write down as objective text (something I think I’m good enough with already) but that could be projected into really beautiful pieces of art—characters, stories, events, music, scenes, conversations, movement, a mix of that all, you name it. I’d get quite depressive if I just “wasted” the prism that’s in my mind instead of projecting it onto the things I find truly beautiful.

But, I’m just beginning my quest, and I don’t feel prepared to go full-throttle and invent everything anew. I want to copy a lot first, do things in strict ways that I know will work out well, and slowly, really slowly, tweak my findings to mirror what’s inside of me, like writing small sonnets first, varying the structure when you feel comfortable and improving the expressiveness as needed, without any rush.

And like a kid exploring the unknown, I hooked myself to「私のソネット」(My Sonnet), the strict structure of the japanese games, my stable ground, to feel safe in my journey. Sonetto is a word for a life.

As such, I don’t know what Sonetto / SonettoJS will turn out to be. Its roots are strict, but it represents something organic: my life. Sure I have plans for it, but they may change wildly in the long-run.

I’ll post again what I have in mind for the Sonetto Project at a later time.

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