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WikiBolts: Food for Machina

Posted on: May 5, 2011

It its common knowledge that Google does a good job at indexing pages, but Google mostly indexes pages for people. While this is great, there are creatures out there that would make an even better use of something like this: computers.

Computers don’t like raw human food knowledge. They need something more structured, but flexible enough to describe our world to them. Hence WikiBolts! It’s like Wikipedia, only full of bolts, which is something machines can digest (:

I then came up with the idea that maybe some sort of Wikipedia for computers could be a good idea. I know this isn’t new, but I don’t see many news regarding this anywhere, so maybe I should make my move, I thought. I thought about making a publicly accessible non-relational database (probably MongoDB) to which people can connect to, retrieving data and updating it.

Anything counts, but to begin with I’d like to focus on (preferably fingerprinted) media content. I hate ID3 tags and I doubt Shazam, MusicBrainz or Ericsson’s TrackID are doing a good job.

It would be really cool if instead of editing a wiki page freely, one could edit a database freely, and generate wiki pages out of that database instead. Things would be standardized, but the standard would be a living creature nevertheless.

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