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The major reason school (and sometimes university) is bad + an insight on educational games — Part 1

Posted on: May 2, 2011

Today I caught myself thinking about making educational games…

No, not games for mentally debilitated children. Real educational games. Some even [maybe most even? (or all even?)] containing mature themes like philosophy, psychology, violence, blood, and sex (no, I don’t mean dull sexual education here; I just mean sex may be there, so sure like hell it’s not your usual by-retards-for-retards so-called “educative” games). Lots of games, anime and manga are extremely beautiful, interesting, well-thought, [note to the editor: please insert a gazillion positive adjectives here], but not that many are too insightful, much less instructive in practical terms (read: IRL).

I hate school and heavily dislike universities. I always disregarded them a lot, and still disregard them a lot, but, as I noticed recently, my criticism lacked a bit of depth.

One of my critics was that knowledge acquired through methodical education was just flawed before further research, and in many cases such a research had to be so deep to make any good sense of the subject that I doubted anyone would venture himself into it. And why do I say it’d be flawed before further researching? Because it’s taught absolutely superficially, so it’s like picking a page from some instructive book and punching holes in it until the text lacks enough information and makes enough sense for you to interpret it terribly wrong. I know some people actually do venture deeper into school topics, but they certainly don’t decide to do so because of school. So knowledge from school is hardly useful, because it’s generally flawed, and doesn’t alone push you in any significant direction. So school is ridiculous, right? Well…

If I were to make truly teaching games—in my sense of teaching, that is (deeper, not school-like)—it would be hard to mix gameplay in, the gameplay would probably be damaged and the game would be no fun. Then I noticed I might not be thorough enough when teaching, so it would be easier to retain the game feeling. Then I noticed that meant lack of some information. Then I noticed it would be the same as school!!! Fuck, so my games would be as useless as school in practical terms? Beyond entertainment, mostly useless, yep. But then, in my never-ending chain of insights, I noticed this is secondary to schools’ stupidity. Actually, a piece of paper full of holes can still be useful, because it can still catch someones interest for something. So, am I apologizing what I thought to be school’s stupidity?

Not quite.

School is quite stupid indeed. But not the way I thought. Not for the exact reasons I thought, but stupid nevertheless.

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